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When is the best time for tree trimming?

Choosing a regular tree service can keep your property in a good condition!

Pruning of trees with secateursNo homeowner wants overgrown trees in their yard. They are unsightly and can become dangerous. Homeowners can trim small trees themselves, however, when it comes to large trees, it’s better to hire a professional tree trimming service provider. Whatever the┬ásituation, the answer to one question still remains a dilemma for most people: when is the best time of the year for tree trimming? Read the lines below and find out.

But before answering this question, let’s see why tree trimming is so important. First of all, tree trimming is performed mostly for aesthetic purposes. Proper tree pruning can shape up a tree and give it that neat and arranged look. Another reason for trimming a tree is to maintain its health by removing damaged and diseased branches. Increased safety is also another benefit that comes with tree pruning. Branches near electrical lines, the ones that hang over buildings, or trees that block sight at the end of a driveway, they all pose a danger to people and have to be removed.

Now, that we know tree trimming is a must, let’s see when is the best time to do it. Specialists recommend trimming in late winter, just before trees break dormancy. The main reason for this is because the cuts will heal quickly as trees grow vigorously in early spring.

There are a few types of trees that require trimming and pruning just after they flower. The most common one is magnolia. Trimming a magnolia tree before it flowers, can easily remove all the dormant buds, resulting in a non-flowering tree. If you own some special types of trees, you better hire a professional in order to make sure you don’t do any damage.

There is also a time when trimming and pruning is definitely not a good idea, and that is spring, more exactly, when the buds are developing. If you missed trimming your tree before this period, wait until the leaves grow to their mature size. Then it is safe to trim and prune.

A true tree trimming contractor should know all this, unfortunately not all tree service providers are reliable and knowledgeable. That is why you should trust Gonzalez LRC for all your tree trimming and pruning needs.

They are located in Waco, TX and can be found at (254) 366-9104.

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