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Treating Storm Damaged Trees

What’s the Right Tree Service for My Damaged Tree?

spring time showing green leaves and blue sky as backgroundWhen the headlines tell us that a major storm is approaching, people run to save their property and home, but most of the time, they forget about trees. Unfortunately, trees are affected the most. Sometimes, strong winds can cause so much damage to a tree that you may have no other choice but to cut it down. However, if the tree is strong, and the damage is minor, the tree can be saved. A good landscaping company can help you save your tree and enjoy its beauty for the rest of your life.

Each type of damage has its causes, and usually a tree that is in decline can be treated so that this type of damage is prevented. Most of the time, the damage is small, and the long term health of the tree is not affected. But there are cases when the storm has caused broken branches, hanging limbs or cracked trunks. If this is the case, you first have to decide whether you want to keep the tree. It’s better to cut your losses if there is little chance your tree will survive. But for making that decision, you should consult with a tree service provider first.

Most landscaping companies have an arborist in their team whose job is to assess the damage, and determine whether the tree can be saved. If the damage is minor, and the tree has good chances of survival, the arborist will choose the proper treatment. Sometimes, it may be a special type of trimming, other times it may be extra watering or mulching.

Homeowners should contact a reputable tree service provider immediately after the storm. This is because the storm may have left your tree with branches that are hanging by a thread, and ready to fall at any time. These branches should be immediately removed, and the entire tree inspected. Never walk or park your vehicle under a tree that has been affected by a storm!

Gonzalez LRC is a reputable landscaping contractor in Waco, TX. We have many years of experience in the tree service industry. If you want your trees to be treated by a true professional, then call (254) 366-9104.

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