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Lawn Care Chemicals Are Really Dangerous

A Professional Lawn Maintenance Service Provider Discusses the Effects of Lawn Chemicals on Our Health

For some people, maintaining a green and lush lawn is just another typical landscaping chore, while for others it is a matter of neighborly respect. Either way, keeping a lawn in good condition is quite easy these days. It all depends on the lawn care chemicals you’re using. More than 100 million pounds of pesticides are used by homeowners each year. Studies have shown that these chemicals are often drifting inside our homes, contaminating our indoor air and surfaces. Obviously, this is a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible.

What are lawn care chemicals?
Contrary to popular belief, lawn maintenance chemicals contain more than just fertilizers. Chemicals that kill insects, weeds, and a variety of diseases are often added to the fertilizers in order to increase their efficiency. These mixtures include benzoic acid herbicides, phenoxy, carbamates, and organophosphates.

Do these chemicals pose a threat to my health?
The answer is yes. Chemicals that are used to control insects, and weeds are toxic. Since they are designed to kill a wide range of living organisms, chances are that they can also cause severe health problems to humans and pests. A recent study has shown that of 30 commonly used lawn care chemicals, 11 are linked to disruption of the endocrine system, 15 with neurotoxicity, 26 with liver and kidney damage, 21 with reproductive problems, and 19 with cancer.

How are we exposed to lawn chemicals?
Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin or by breathing vapors, dust, and sprays. You can be poisoned if you are present during the application of the chemicals. Furthermore, you can also get poisoned if you touch contaminated grass, furniture, clothing, or shoes. Children are more susceptible to these health problems because their internal organs are still developing.

The conclusion is that lawn care chemicals are dangerous and should be avoided as much as possible. There are plenty of alternative options for lawn maintenance. One of them is to hire a landscaping service provider that specializes in eco-friendly lawn care solutions. For more information, contact Gonzalez LRC in Waco, TX. Our phone is (254) 366-9104. Call us if you have any questions.

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