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How to Provide Efficient Irrigation With Limited Water Availability

Lawn Maintenance Tips

Sprinkler in lawnDid you know that, on average, 50% of the water consumed in residences is used to irrigate landscapes? This raised a major concern among homeowners and landscaping companies, and as a result, new ways of landscape irrigation have been developed. Recent studies have shown that, with proper design, maintenance and management of automatic water systems, homeowners can save up to 40% of the water they currently use for irrigation. If you want to be part of the many people who already succeeded to do that, follow our guidelines.

First, and most important, is to make sure the irrigation system is well maintained. In order to do that, you must hire a reputable lawn maintenance company which specializes in automatic irrigation systems. Sign a long-term contract with them and ensure your sprinkler system is kept at its top performance. Don’t think about costs, you will realize the service basically pays for itself due to water savings.

Don’t water if the soil is still wet. There are many factors that can influence the condition of your soil, including, weather, humidity, geographic location, etc. The best way to understand whether your landscape really needs water is to check it yourself. Using a shovel or trowel, check the soil moisture on a regular basis, preferably every morning. This will tell you whether you need to turn the sprinklers on or not.

Water to meet the needs of plants. Consider practicing seasonal setbacks by watering more in hot summer weather and decreasing applications in cool spring and fall weather. Also consider investing in a new irrigation controller. The latest models allow homeowners to set setbacks for an entire year.

Hire professional lawn maintenance service providers. The easiest and best way to provide proper treatment for you lawn is to hire experts. They have the knowledge and experience to maintain your lawn beautiful all year round, with minimum water consumption. Gonzalez LRC is one of those companies which specialize in irrigation systems and lawn maintenance. They are located in Waco, TX but also serve all surrounding areas.

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